Our impact

Myeloma UK was established in 1997 to change the lives of patients with myeloma and related conditions and realise our ambition of making myeloma history.

Myeloma is a very individual blood cancer, and every patient’s experience is different.

When we first started our work

The average length of time a patient with myeloma could expect to survive was between 12 and 24 months.

Today, that time has quadrupled to between four to eight years, with three out of ten patients living for ten years or more after their diagnosis – and some for much longer still.

There were no bespoke myeloma treatments available to patients via the NHS.

Today, we have eight myeloma drugs in active use in the NHS pathway that can be delivered in 12 different combinations throughout a patient’s treatment journey.

Myeloma patients still need our help

Our ambition is to find a cure and make myeloma history, but until then we want every patient to live well with myeloma for as long as possible and we will never stop working to give every patient an empowered present and a hopeful future:

We will accelerate work on earlier detection and diagnosis to make the greatest impact on the length and quality of life for myeloma patients and those with related conditions.

We will drive scientific breakthrough into the cause and treatment of myeloma and related conditions to increase patient survival and improve patient experience.

We will partner with patients to understand and meet their needs and build equal care for all.

We will give a voice to patients and ensure that myeloma is not considered a second-class cancer.

Our impact in 2021

In 2021, our supporters helped us raise over £4.4m by donating and fundraising. Thanks to their support we were able to:

  • Launch a new guide for GPs helping them identify myeloma earlier
  • Get lenalidomide (Revlimid®) maintenance treatment for newly diagnosed patients following stem cell transplants approved for use on the NHS after years of campaigning
  • Help fund research into how myeloma patients were responding to the COVID-19 vaccines

And much more.

Please note: all figures on this page are based on unaudited accounts.

Charles Montlake

“I’ve relied on Myeloma UK more than once for my mental wellbeing and I feel there’s going to come a time when my family will be really reliant on the information provided by the charity. When I say Myeloma UK is my lifeline, I mean it.”

Charles Montlake, myeloma and AL amyloidosis patient

Read more about how our work has helped patients like Charles in our 2021 Impact Report.

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