Clinical Nurse Specialist leaves gift in her will to Myeloma UK

Myeloma UK supporter Dave Edmondson kindly shared a little about his wife Deborah, who sadly died in June 2020. Dave told us about Deborah’s life and why it was important to her to leave a gift in her will to Myeloma UK.

Fundraising news // 13th May 2021

Deborah was the youngest of her six siblings and was brought up on a farm in Oxfordshire. Dave and Deborah met at a friend’s wedding and married in March 1991. The couple had two children, Hannah and Charles. Whilst raising their children, Deborah worked as a Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, working for the NHS for many years.
Deborah was diagnosed with myeloma in 2006 and despite her myeloma diagnosis, she continued to care for others. Dave told us:

“Debs was a true fighter who fought her cancer for some 14 years. Despite this, she always put others first above herself. She was a truly inspirational person who was caring and loyal both in her private life and as a Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist working with patients in the community/Hospital and Hospice settings.”

Dave and Deborah had recently moved back to the area Deborah grew up in, buying one of the former farm cottages. She took on the task of converting and extending the cottage and became a brilliant project manager. Deborah was an avid gardener and spent a lot of time working in the garden. She sadly knew that she wouldn’t have very long to enjoy the new house, but she made it a lovely family home for Dave and their children.

Dave spoke of Deborah’s determination and that she always had a mindset of overcoming adversity:

“Debs suffered from myeloma for many years, and she fought with energy despite it taking its toll over the years with transplants and so forth. She was looked after by the team at the Royal Marsden and was superbly looked after. Debs was very aware of the effect that her treatment and the eventual outcome would have on others and did whatever she could to ensure that we were not affected as best she could. As ever, she thought of others rather than herself.”

Deborah generously left £1,000 in her will to Myeloma UK. She wanted to support work into finding more effective treatments for myeloma, and information and support services to help other patients and their families.

We really appreciate this wonderful legacy left by Deborah to make a difference in the lives of other myeloma patients. If you would like to leave a gift in your will to Myeloma UK, and help us to continue with our important work, please get in touch with our fundraising team on 0131 230 0429 or email