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You might not think of yourself as a carer, but if you provide support to someone with myeloma, it’s important to remember we’re here to support you too.

Many of us do not think of ourselves as carers. However, a carer is anyone who provides unpaid care and support to a relative or friend who is unable to manage without it. Caring for someone can take many forms, even if you are not the primary carer, you may still help in some way.

You might not use the term to describe yourself, but identifying as a carer can help you with getting the support you need – in particular any benefits you may be entitled to.

Caring for someone with myeloma

Caring for someone can be unpredictable, demanding and difficult to manage alongside other responsibilities. You may find that you have to take on tasks and responsibilities that are new which can be both challenging and rewarding.

It’s important to look after yourself as a carer. You can’t look after someone else if you don’t look after yourself properly. Taking time out for yourself, eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you to look after the person you care for.

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