Everyone deserves a holiday. There are a couple of extra factors you need to keep in mind when you’re a myeloma patient, to make sure you get the most out of your travels.

Before you go on holiday

You can still enjoy holidays both in the UK and abroad as a myeloma patient with careful planning and a few sensible precautions. However, there are some challenges you may experience when travelling or planning a holiday.

Sort your travel insurance

Getting travel insurance can be more difficult when you have myeloma, so it’s a good idea to start looking as soon as you can. You may want to look into obtaining insurance before booking your holiday. Our Travel Insurance Infosheet has a list of companies that have offered insurance policies to myeloma patients.

Discuss with your doctor

You should discuss your travel plans with your doctor before you go. They can give you a letter outlining details about your myeloma and treatment which may be helpful if you fall ill while away. They will also make sure you have enough drugs with you to last for your whole trip, plus some extra in case of delays. They can also provide you with antibiotics in case you pick up an infection. Be sure to check what restrictions there are on bringing certain drugs into the country you are visiting.

Get your vaccinations

Depending on where you are visiting, you may need vaccinations before you go. You should discuss with your doctor or nurse which ones you are able to have. Myeloma patients should not have ‘live vaccines’ such as oral polio or typhoid, yellow fever and rubella.

While you’re on holiday

While you’re away make sure you rest as much as you need and continue to eat healthily. Take care in the sun and avoid any extreme sports.

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