Emotional & psychological support

Taking care of your emotional and psychological wellbeing is an essential part of coping with a myeloma diagnosis. It’s important to remember help is available for you when you need it.

A myeloma diagnosis can be devastating and affect you and those closest to you in a number of ways. Your emotional and psychological wellbeing can be affected at any point following a myeloma diagnosis and can change over time.

Acknowledging your feelings

There is no right or wrong way you should feel. Sometimes you might feel positive and upbeat; at other times you may feel numb or sad. Your feelings are a natural reaction to your situation. Sometimes you may be surprised by how you feel, and you may not know the reason why you feel the way you do.

It’s important for you to acknowledge how you’re feeling and how it’s affecting you. You’re not expected to be positive all the time; how you are feeling will change with time and your circumstances. Difficult feelings may still be present at times.

For the times you are not feeling so positive it is a good idea to give some thought as to how you prefer to access support and what you find most helpful. This could be informal support from family and friends, or more formal support through a counsellor or psychologist.

There are a range of services we provide which may help you cope with how you’re feeling, including the Myeloma Infoline, Myeloma Support Groups and the Discussion Forum.

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