Living well with myeloma

We’re here to help you with the reality of living with myeloma. From talking to your friends and family, to looking after your mental health, we’ve covered every area where you might be challenged.

Your guide to living well with myeloma

Here you’ll find plenty of resources and information on every aspect of living with myeloma.

Download our Infopack

This infopack provides information on managing some of the challenges brought about by a diagnosis and the impact it will have on your life. It will help you and your family cope with the effects of myeloma, its symptoms and complications.

Diet and exercise

Find out how healthy eating and regular exercise could help you better cope with myeloma.


Discover what benefits and support is available to help you financially following a diagnosis of myeloma.


Thinking of going on holiday? We’ve got everything you need to know covered.

Emotional and psychological support

Coping with a myeloma diagnosis isn’t easy. Find out what resources and support is available for you.


Being diagnosed with myeloma can have an effect on your relationships with friends and family. Find out what resources can help.

Planning ahead

If you’re unsure how to approach a difficult conversation, our resources on planning ahead should help.