Myeloma UK Lottery

Do you want the chance to win £25,000 every week and help support Myeloma UK at the same time?

Join our lottery today to be entered into our £1 weekly draw with the chance to win an amazing £25,000!

It costs just £1 a week to enter – with at least 50p from every £1 coming directly to support Myeloma UK.

Your entry will help to provide information and support to myeloma patients and their families to help them deal with everything a myeloma diagnosis brings.

How does it work?

You can play for as little as £1 per week and 50p of every ticket you buy comes straight to Myeloma UK to support our work. A minimum of 50% of the total lottery proceeds are spent on supporting the work carried out by Myeloma UK, 18.4% on prizes and 31.6% on the running cost and administration of the lottery.

For just £1 per week you will be allocated a unique six-digit lottery number, which will remain yours for as long as you wish to keep playing. You can purchase up to 20 entries a week.

Every week, the lucky winners are selected at random and prize cheques issued and posted directly to you, so there is no need for you to claim. Winners have to match 3, 4 5 or all 6 digits of the winning number in the correct place in the sequence. For more information on how winners are selected click the link –

The likelihood of an individual winning a prize through Myeloma UK Lottery is 1 in 63. You can find a detailed breakdown of the odds at this link –

Players must be resident in Great Britain and be over the age of 16. Underage gambling is an offence. Lottery tickets must not be sold to or by persons under the age of 16 years old.

Please gamble responsibly:

Ceri Wootton won £1,000

Ceri Wootton won £1,000 playing the Myeloma UK lottery and was delighted to put the winnings towards taking her mum on a much needed holiday. Read Ceri’s story here.

Myeloma UK Lottery is provided by:

The Unity Lottery

Unity is operated by Sterling Management Centre Ltd, registered as an External Lottery Manager by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005 –

Myeloma UK has been registered by the City of Edinburgh Licensing Board in terms of Part 5 of Schedule 11 to the Gambling Act 2005 for the purpose of promoting lotteries as defined by Section 14 of that Act.

Visit the Unity Lottery website to sign up.