How your money helps

Find out what we do with the money you give us.

On average 16 people are diagnosed with myeloma every day in the UK. Your donation allows us to support patients and their families, with information and services when they need it. Myeloma UK is the only dedicated funder of myeloma research in the UK with an ongoing commitment to invest in ground-breaking research.

What we do with your donations

We don’t receive any government funding. Instead, we rely on voluntary donations and fundraising activities to support our work.

Funds given to Myeloma UK are efficiently and effectively invested in:

  • Supporting patients and their families through their myeloma diagnosis
  • Funding world-leading genetics research to develop and discover new tailored treatments
  • Supporting innovative Clinical Trials that provide patients access to promising new treatments
  • Providing resources and tailored information for doctors, nurses and other clinicians to ensure patients receive the best treatment and care
  • Working in partnership with decision-makers to ensure the speedy approval of effective new treatments and the delivery of innovative policy solutions to benefit the myeloma community

Find out more about Myeloma UK and the importance of our work to the thousands of people affected by myeloma in the UK.

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