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Early diagnosis is key to ensuring myeloma patients have the best possible treatment options and quality of life. The longer myeloma goes undetected the harder it gets to treat and the more likely to affect peoples’ day-to-day activities.

Unfortunately, 1 in 4 myeloma patients need to wait over 10 months for the correct diagnosis.

Myeloma UK’s Early Diagnosis Programme aims to close this gap in diagnosis.

We’re working across the entire diagnostic pathway to put myeloma at the fore of policy decisions, educate healthcare teams on spotting the signs of myeloma, and fund research to drastically improve the diagnosis process and ensure all myeloma patients get the best chance for a long, full life.

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“Getting a timely diagnosis is life changing. It can mean the difference between living for one year and living for ten or more years. It can also reduce the impact myeloma has on day-to-day life, reducing the chance of long-term pain, fatigue or mobility issues.

Myeloma UK are committed to improving diagnosis to ensure every patient has the best chance of living for as well as possible for as long as possible.”

Sophie Castell, CEO Myeloma UK

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