Helping you understand myeloma

Information plays an important role in helping come to terms with a myeloma diagnosis and understanding options around treatment, care and living well with myeloma.

Help and Support

We are always here to help. Speak to one of our trained and qualified Myeloma Information Specialists. Email us or call 0800 980 3332.

Caring for someone with myeloma

Helping carers and family members gain a better understanding of myeloma.

Research and Patient Advocacy

The Myeloma UK research strategy is collaborative, mission-driven and strategic in its allocation of resources and motivated by results.

Healthcare Professionals

We don't just provide resources and support for patients, but also for Healthcare professionals - offering more detailed information about the latest treatments, improvements in clinical practice and material designed specifically to meet their educational needs.

Myeloma Matters

Myeloma Matters

Free tri-annual myeloma specific magazine. Sign up for more details.

AL amyloidosis Matters

AL amyloidosis Matters

Free twice yearly AL amyloidosis specific newsletter, sign up for more details.

Help & Support: Speak to one of our trained and qualifed Myeloma Information Specialists or email us